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Try our entire line of formulated products that promote your HIGHEST life.

Just Looking To Try?

We also provide sample packs of each type of gummy so you can try them all and find the BEST FIT for you!

Sexual Enhancement

Our CBD Hoohah spray product may provide SEXUAL HEALTH benefits for men and women, enhancing fertility and sex drive.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Cynthia and Thane are truly the sweetest people you’ll ever meet who truly have a passion for what they work towards. More businesses need to have the personal connection to the core values and customers of their business."

Sarah Mahmood

"If you want to take you eating to a healthy level, this where you go! They have done the research for you on the best prices and cleanest foods you can buy. There knowledge is vast. The recipes are out of this world. Everyone would be vegan is you tasted there food. Yummy, yummy in my tummy!"

Craig Dumnich

"Assuaged is full of valuable knowledge on how to transition into a plant-based diet while getting the essential nutrients from alternative options. There are so many amazing and healthy recipes and product recommendations that promote overall wellness and being eco-friendly!"

Ashley Woods
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